About us

Sybille Knötzele held her first private tuition course in the autumn of 1988. An increasing number of tuition requests had begun overlapping with Sybille’s vision of tailoring courses to small groups of students and of providing specific, individual tuition programs with customised lesson times based on student requirements and objectives. To start with, she set up one classroom in the basement of her home, then found herself immediately having to add in another one. Now, business language courses for companies and other language-related services integrate the initial offer.

Both Sybille and Wilhelm Knötzele have been teaching English, French and German full-time for a good number of years. For tuition and courses held in other European languages such as Italian and Spanish, they are supported by freelance teachers. At SK-Sprachkurse – where the mnemonic anagram SK stands for both Sybille Knötzele and for “Sprachkurse” (language courses) – we have thus been coaching an increasing number of local, regional and extra-regional clients, both private and corporate, for well over two decades .... and the house at 51, Lindachstraße in 75417 Mühlacker virtually buzzes with a number of services and activities.

Learning a foreign language keeps you intellectually fit, yet an unencumbered mind will only come from an unencumbered body – which is why we recommend integration with body fitness nutrients provided by fruit, vegetables and berries. More info is available under www.sk-naturprodukte.de. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case of interest.